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ClearCapture delivers process efficiencies and cost savings from day one.


To create security-locked, automated client reports that are up to date and accurate, containing the information you specify, in record time.



To reallocate or reduce staffing levels, rule out human error and speed the production of client reports from weeks to seconds.



Reports that enhance your client relationships because they

  • communicate in a meaningful format
  • build your brand
  • strengthen the IFA relationship.

ClearCapture works like this

1. Efficient

You retain your current database. There’s no need to change your systems because all your client data stays in its present location and format

2. Fast and secure

You PUSH data in a consistent format, from up to 30 different sources to our dedicated secure link. It’s a fully automated ‘secure handshake’ because we’ll verify content, and fetch third party data for any non-automated life office feeds. We then process and verify your content at a staggering 30,000 A4 pages per hour. While observing the strict protocols for data exchange and storage that we’ve agreed together

3. Tailored

We work closely with internal stakeholders to optimise your reporting process.

So we deliver your branded client reporting to suit key stakeholders in your business and your retail clients’ needs. You can add multiple performance or market commentary scripts. In short, you can choose 100% personalisation for 100% of your clients.

4. Delivered

ClearCapture allows you to deliver to multiple channels, in any format, to any device. You can simultaneously back-up your current system or feed to your client portal.

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