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Our IT services are designed to deliver:


We’re all about enabling you and your team to manage collateral, digital assets, audit trails and spend, quickly and easily.



Secure, enhanced control is the endgame of any IT activity we carry out for you.



From branded hubs to tailored internal services, expect our IT solutions to deliver huge time saving workflow benefits. Clients tell us the reality exceeds expectations.

Choose from our tried and tested online tools.
Alternatively we can customise a solution for you – from a web interface, to specific workflow enhancements.

How our online tools work

1. First we build you a branded web portal.
2. Then we help you select the software solutions you need from our 5 key online tools
• cdl ControlCentre
• cdl MailMe
• cdl DigitalDiary
• cdl SelfServe
• cdl StockScan
3. When your portal goes live we issue secure password access to the members of staff that you nominate.

cdl online management tools

Tell me about your web to print

cdl ControlCentre

So your staff can... shop from your brand-managed design templates.

What about hybrid mail?

cdl MailMe

So your staff can... send or re-send mailings in under 24 hours.

And digital asset management?

cdl DigitalDiary

So your staff can... store and track what you’ve produced.

cdl online ordering tools

What about a quick print job?

cdl SelfServe

So your staff can... upload artwork and print - fast.

How do I

cdl StockScan

So your staff can... order stock from our warehouse.

cdl online tools – what’s the biggest benefit?

Workflow integration and control

Intelligent reporting – you have a clear audit trail of your print and digital assets.

Budget control – you regulate access to ordering and can monitor spending live.

Admin slashed – automation saves your people bags of time and boosts motivation.

Brand continuity – you can enforce your brand guidelines at every point.

Enhanced security – you authorise individual password access, so every action is trackable.

How our customised solutions work

We know that every new client will have a different internal system. We also know that most IT departments are worked to capacity. That’s why our IT team has so much practice at working side by side with clients. We’ll listen hard and create the platform you need to get the job done. We work like this:

  1. First we take a good look at where you are now, and where you’d like to be, so that you can get the best out of working with us.
  2. Then we propose and deliver easy to operate end-to-end comms. (Often by creating middleware that allows two pieces of software you already have to talk to each other).
  3. Whatever the issue, we’ll partner you to make it work. Our role is to make sure your systems communicate with optimum efficiency, so managing your print and digital assets results in best practice workflows.
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