Goods In Instructions

It is essential that ALL deliveries to the cdl group adhere to these instructions. Therefore, please pass these details on to any third party suppliers who deliver on your behalf.


Contact Details:

cdl House
1 Vestry Road
Sevenoaks Kent TN14 5EL
01732 471 576


When calling to arrange a delivery slot the following information must be available:

  • Suppliers Name
  • Client Name
  • Details of Goods (Code/Qty)
  • Number of Pallets + Boxes
  • Total Number of Items


All vehicles should be booked in at least 24 hours prior to expected delivery time (unless arranged in advance) to receive an allocated time between 8:30 and 16:30

Goods in documentation can then be prepared in advance therefore, providing the allocated time is kept, the goods can be unloaded with minimum delay.

Where possible we will also deal with unscheduled deliveries but please be aware that any deliveries that have not been pre-booked, will be dealt with after all of our scheduled deliveries, and could be turned away.

In the event of the delivery being turned away, please ensure that the driver informs you of this, and in turn, you contact us.

Should your vehicle be delayed for any reason please telephone to keep us informed.


Bulk Presentation

Suppliers are responsible for the way in which materials are presented.

  1. All deliveries to be made on heavy duty euro non-returnable pallets (1200 x 800mm) that are capable of being unloaded with a fork lift truck
  2. Maximum weight 1000kg
  3. Maximum height (including pallet) 1120mm
  4. Only good quality pallets should be supplied. Damaged or wet pallets must not be used
  5. All pallets delivered must be in good condition and for safe handling (Please see the diagram below).
  6. Work must not overhang the edges of pallets.
  7. All pallets should be shrink-wrapped
  8. All pallets must be adequately wrapped or strapped to ensure load is stable and to avoid damage in transit, including corner protectors where appropriate. Pallets with steel strapping will be refused for Health and Safety reasons.
  9. No mixed pallets unless arranged before hand
  10. Where multiple products cannot be separated onto individual pallets and are bulk collated, there must be a tab between each variant detailing the product code and quantity


Individual Cartons

  1. Cartons must be double walled unless by prior arrangement
  2. Cartons must be of a appropriate size for the contents so that they can be stacked safely
  3. Partially full cartons must be filled with suitable packing material to ensure that they do not collapse
  4. All cartons must be clearly labelled with product codes, description, quantity and a PO
  5. Cartons must not contain mixed items
  6. Carton weight must not exceed 20kgs
  7. Deliveries of 12 boxes or more must be palletized
  8. All items must be boxed – loose items will not be accepted


Pallet Identification

Each pallet must be clearly labelled on two adjacent sides with the following information where applicable:

  • Customer
  • Product description
  • Product code
  • Quantity
  • Pallet No. e.g. 1 of 5 etc.
  • Number of cartons
  • Number of items per carton
  • Purchase order number


Delivery Documentation (Advice Note)

All deliveries must be accompanied by suitable documentation detailing ALL of the above points along with the supplementary information below:

  • Suppliers name & contact number
  • Individual codes and quantities
  • Delivery Reference
  • Invoice Reference (If Available)
  • Number of pallets


Non Conforming Deliveries

Non Conforming Deliveries – CDL reserves the right to refuse to accept any goods that are deemed to not conform to our acceptance criteria including:

  • Insufficient identification
  • Unsafe stacking/packaging
  • Damaged in transit
  • Not booked in

The company will be notified of any non-conformance in order that corrective action may be taken and any additional costs incurred through non-conformance will be charged back to the company at fault (customer/supplier).

Please note that the exact quantities stated on all delivery notes cannot and will not be verified; therefore CDL accepts no responsibility for short supply. CDL will check the number of boxes delivered against the accompanying paperwork.


FSC and PEFC Controlled Jobs

If a job is to be FSC / PEFC controlled it will state so on the purchase order. FSC / PEFC controlled jobs can only be produced by printers that have signed City Digital’s subcontractors agreement or are FSC / PEFC certified.

City Digital’s Chain of Custody logo is to be reproduced on the product. The FSC / PEFC logo is legally owned by City Digital Limited and may not be reproduced without the permission of City Digital Limited.

All delivery notes must state the printers FSC / PEFC number and the material statement.

All box labels need to include City Digital’s CoC number and FSC / PEFC material statement.

For any help or information please call Rob Hood (FSC / PEFC Management Rep) on 01732 466 978


CDL Goods in Instructions Feb  23 v3.1