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Since we started out in 1999, global commerce has been revolutionised by the internet. Many businesses face far-reaching implications for their print, digital and mail operations because audit trails and visibility have been compromised like never before.

Senior managers need to oversee, direct and regulate their end-to-end operations, wherever they are based. Where we can help is to develop centralised hubs that enable those responsible for brand, marketing and compliance, to completely, and securely, control their print, digital and mail operations, off and onsite, nationally and internationally.

control speed and quality

Print and digital management

In business there are always challenges, like Covid-19, which changed how we worked and where. There’s more focus now on connectivity of services, products, management information, brand control, etc. as we embrace new working conditions.

cdl print and digital management services are designed to give you greater:


Not only can we help you save money but we can also help you reduce waste and become more sustainable


Save time uploading artwork, securing approval, getting jobs printed and delivered


Improve brand alignment, ensure consistency across all communications


A dedicated team of industry professionals to support you

How it works

Your people need to be able to order print quickly but, at the same time, you need to control what’s being spent and what’s being produced. Our solution is to dedicate an account manager to you, who works almost as an extension to your own team, to design an intelligent cloud-based hub that not only empowers your people but also enables you to centrally control costs and brand integrity. We:

Step 1

Start by agreeing structures and processes.

Step 2

Propose the online tools you might need to manage your print effectively and work with you to select the most relevant.

Step 3

Issue secure password access to nominated members of staff.

What can be controlled?

Print procurement

An end to end service where we work with your compliance or brand/marketing teams. We invite at least three suppliers to tender to ensure competitive pricing.

Digital management

Allows templates to be created quickly and easily as well as providing a digital library of downloadable and printable collateral.

Print management

A web-to-print service that enables you to order anything from POS material and signage to marketing collateral and variants of mail like direct, hybrid and transactional.

Management information (MI)

Enables you to make informed decisions on strategies, costs, environmental impact and possible digital transformations.

clarity control and efficiency

Logistics and fulfilment services

Our highly automated Kent-based facility is ideally placed to serve the City as well as national and international destinations. We centrally manage production processes, storage and distribution of assets, all from under one substantial roof! We no longer use any plastics in our packaging.

cdl logistics and fulfilment services are designed to give you greater:


Your own branded portal provides a real-time overview of your collateral universe


Enables you to consolidate and distribute material for optimum cost-effectiveness


Our central storage facility, supported by our call centre, enables material to be quickly picked, packed and despatched to where needed


Highly responsive customer service and call centre teams supporting your projects and campaigns

How it works

Quality print assets contribute to your brand’s success, and how they’re produced, stored, managed and delivered can affect both your reputation and your bottom line. At all stages of the process, our people are there to support you, from our amazing customer service team to our highly responsive call centre crew. We:

Step 1

Initially consult with you to understand what you need from a logistics perspective.

Step 2

Identify together any issues or challenges to be overcome.

Step 3

Design an online experience and logistics process that meets your evolving needs and affords you control over what’s despatched, to where and when.

What can be controlled?

Storage and distribution

Anything from corporate print and promotional material to fundraising packs for charities

Events support

From sourcing supplies and services to collating conference packs

Fulfilment services

From mailing and campaign management to arranging delivery of charity items bought online

Customer services and call centre support

Inbound and outbound to support campaigns or support fundraising

intelligent cloud based hub


IT services

The way we work has changed dramatically since Covid-19, with huge increases in hybrid working. But your senior managers still need to oversee, direct and regulate their end-to-end operations wherever they, or your teams, are located.

The way we can help you achieve such control is through a centralised and intelligent, cloud-based hub that gives you complete autonomy over your print, digital and mail operations, be they offsite or onsite. You can even use the platform to inform, signpost or update teams on new products and campaigns.

Our hub is:


Enables you to tailor content but remain on brand

International and multilingual

We currently support global banks and other institutions across the UK, EMEA and ASIAPAC


Data is hosted in either the UK or EU by service providers that hold ISO27001 accreditation


Accessible wherever you, or your team, are based


Allows software such as SSO and Sap Ariba to be integrated


Gives you real-time control of both your brand and budget


Full audit trail provides evidence of compliance, especially important in highly regulated sectors


Workflows programmed so that only accredited factories and sustainable solutions are used

MI Reporting & Analytics

Using deep dive analytics helps transform your business processes as you make more informed decisions

What can be controlled?

Marketing collateral

Presentation materials

Digital assets

Print room services

Corporate stationery


Storage and logistics

Additionally, we can customise IT solutions for you, such as building online shopping platforms with Shopify or Woocommerce, or tailoring management information (MI) platforms to deliver better reporting and analytics.

source produce deliver

Branded merchandise

Whether you are planning an event, need promotional clothing or handing out giveaways we can help not only create and produce them but also store them or get them delivered to where they need to be.

We use a trusted list of approved suppliers and can help you find the best and most competitively priced product.

  • Signage/display panels
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Branded promotional merchandise
  • Branded clothing
  • Brand sampling