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Logistics Apr 2020

For many businesses, supporting home and remote working for their office-based employees is a relatively new experience.

The ability to log on to the office network and work from home on a Friday is certainly common in many businesses but over the past few weeks during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen the needs of long-term remote working bring a few additional considerations.

Recent client requests have highlighted a requirement to utilise our online systems to enable employees to access a variety of products they may require to be delivered to their homes to support their remote working.

This has been for a range of products such as electrical items, corporate print materials, consumables, PPE items, etc.

At cdl, we have all the facilities in place and systems to do this and in some cases we are already the central provider for our clients of many of these items.

As a logistics operation we can receive all manner of goods from our clients supply chain, centrally store them and make them available in one easy to access online portal with a built in approval process and audit trail. Both MI and inventory management are easy to access and are live online.

This creates a central delivery point for your supply chain from which we can consolidate all home deliveries.

One request. One shipping cost. And all the controls and administration solved.

As we all suspect, the working day and environment may change for many in the future, so this support may become part of an everyday operational need.

We have switched this service offering on for several clients within a few days of first contact. It’s easy and cost effective.

For next steps or to find out more please contact your cdl Account Manager or the Business Development Team on 01732 447 320 or email

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