Workplace COVID-19 Signage Guide

Printed Product Feb 2021

Businesses across the country will soon start to bring their employees back to the workplace again, in the safest possible way. Raising and maintaining awareness throughout the workplace with clear advice as outlined within government and WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines will be key.

With this in mind cdl have compiled what we feel are the most effective and adaptable options into one guide that allows our clients to easily view and order, we have created return to work packs containing individual signage and PPE options in a ready-made pack for each employee upon their return. Of course the signs in our brochure are just a starting point and we are always happy to adapt these signs to suit your specific requirements, whether that’s simply incorporating your brand or working with our design team to create new ones.

We can work with you from consultancy, helping you to map out the layout of your signage on your building floor plans, right through to delivery. For a number of our corporate clients we’ve created bespoke product catalogues to ensure consistency of the message across multiple sites.

The products shown have all been selected using materials that will give a temporary application and can be installed by an internal Facilities Management team.

Since businesses began returning to the workplace in May we have produced over 140,000 signs!

Please note that the government states the 2m distancing can be reduced to 1m with risk mitigation, therefore, we can provide all signage to this effect, however, we strongly recommend you research gov guidelines to ensure you would be permitted to do this.

Act now

Because the materials used are specialist vinyl’s, adhesives and self-clings, availability of supplies fluctuates daily and pricing reflects this. The reason is that we don’t produce raw materials in the UK, they come from Europe and beyond, so, as with so many other things we have seen during this pandemic, demand may outstrip supply.

Many of the factories within the UK that convert this to final product are still running at reduced capacity and it will be a while before that returns to normal.

So our advice is act now, address this task and avoid unnecessary delays. With a country returning to the workplace in what we know will be a phased process, there are sure to be a few unforeseen tasks to tackle, so one less will be…… ‘sensible planning’.

Workplace COVID-19 Signage Guide

The link below will take you to the catalogue which you can download and share. We’ve tried to make this as intuitive as possible along with an order / enquiry form.

If you have multiple sites, talk to us about your requirements and we will collate and distribute to each on your behalf, its what we do.

We will work with you to understand what you may require and project manage all aspects through to delivery.

Making this easy was at the forefront of our minds when compiling these items along with available stock, manufacturing and delivery. As with all products of this nature, we can tailor them to meet specific demands if required, i.e. sizes, materials, messaging, etc. We have full artwork services available should you require our assistance.

To find out more simply liaise with your cdl Account Manager or, if you are unaware of who that is, contact the cdl Business Development team on 01732 447 320 or email

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