Digital Mailroom for Homeworkers

Technology Apr 2020

In close association with Swiss Post Solutions, cdl are helping our clients access new ways of working by adopting innovative technology and work flow that ensures secure and scalable transformation of some key operational functions.

In responding to the needs of our customers a simple digital document delivery service has been created that can be delivered within 7 days.

The service is built on the existing, highly secure document processing and document archiving platforms that are already in production servicing hundreds of customers each day. The service consists of a scanner or scanners to be connected to a workstation within the customer’s environment and an online application to scan and deliver the documents.

There is no need for any software to be installed within the customer’s environment and the service has already been fully tested to meet IT security and compliance requirements.

Business Challenges

As working patterns have dramatically changed recently, businesses have been challenged in maintaining their customer communications using the traditional model of on-site mail and print processing.

So what are the options?

  1. Send the physical documents via couriers or mail services. This takes several days to deliver, is expensive to organise and expensive to deliver.
  2. Leave the documents in the central office for collection later. The work is not processed and the risks of this are unknown.
  3. Digital delivery service. Work is delivered within hours directly to the individual or team. There is a full audit trail of all activities.

cdl and SPS can provide a simple, secure digital service that can be up and running within 7 days.

The Solution

The simple document capture process starts with a scanner which has been connected to a PC at the customer’s location. Mailroom or admin staff are authenticated and given access to the secure application to which they can upload the pages using the scanner. The documents are tagged for delivery to the recipient or team of users, which can be done by remote workers if required, and then the physical documents can be temporarily archived. 

Alternatively, if on site mailroom staff are currently reduced or if you cannot access your building or post then we can offer a service to pick up your post from Royal Mail, scan it at an off site location and deliver it to you digitally.  

The solution can be rolled out quickly, in as little as 7 days, and allows employees to have 24/7 access to incoming mail from anywhere – mobile or desktop. 

The service is delivered withing a secure and certified environment which includes storage and destruction of the documentation if required. Our staff have BPSS and SC Government clearance and are authorised for Local Authority and Government work.

Detailed management information with visibility of costs and a full audit trail is of course integral to the success of the solution. 

If you would like to find out more about the Digital Mailroom for Homeworkers solution please contact the cdl Business Development Team on 01732 447 320 or email

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