Five Simple Steps to a complete COVID-19 Signage Solution

Printed Product Aug 2020

With so many components to think about to ensure that your business is compliant with the ever changing Government guidelines, whilst maintaining a positive and friendly environment for your staff and visitors, we have put together a simple five step plan to implementing your complete COVID-19 signage solution.

Identify and map out all areas of your business that need signage. Think about high traffic areas and high touch points. Identify who will be on site and what functions they need to be able to perform safely. How will people navigate around your building whilst maintaining the required social distance?

We can help you to plan the layout of your signage and establish one way routes using your building floorplan.

Place your signage to act as visual reminders in areas where you want to encourage specific behaviour. For example you may want to limit the number of people in lifts, kitchens and bathrooms. Signage can be used to direct people around new one way routes and to remind people of the correct hand cleansing technique.

Our COVID-19 signage guide provides a variety of ready made solutions.


Keep your staff and visitors safe by putting up screens in areas where staff are unable to keep a 2m distance, such as reception desks or between workstations. Install hand sanitiser stations at key points around the building. Consider issuing staff with touchless keyrings for opening doors and pressing buttons. Identify chairs and desks that have been decommissioned to maintain social distancing by applying covers or stickers.

As well as signage we are able to provide a wide range of safety equipment, including PPE.

As well as our standard catalogue of signs, we are able to completely customise your signage in keeping with your brand. We can create a bespoke product catalogue for you to ensure consistency of your message across multiple sites.

Make the space interesting by using a variety of signage types such as floor vinyls, pull up banners or carpet mats.

Our design team can work with you to create a range of signs that fit with your environment.

The materials used are specialist vinyl’s, adhesives and self-clings, and availability of supplies fluctuates daily with pricing reflecting this. The reason is that we don’t produce raw materials in the UK, they come from Europe and beyond. So, as with so many other things we have seen during this pandemic, demand may outstrip supply.

Many of the factories within the UK that convert this to final product are still running at reduced capacity and it will be a while before that returns to normal.

Our advice is act now, address this task and avoid unnecessary delays. With a country returning to the workplace in what we know will be a phased process, there are sure to be a few unforeseen tasks to tackle, so one less will be…… ‘sensible planning’.

Contact our Business Development Team on 01732 447 320 or email We would be happy to arrange a virtual meeting with you and your team to discuss your requirements.

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