PPE – The new normal

Logistics Jun 2020

As we move further through this COVID19 world we find ourselves in, its clear to most that PPE in one form or another is going to be part of our every day lives for a while yet. Front line workers, especially in the healthcare sector have struggled to get this critical product group and now with lockdown easing literally millions of people whatever their circumstance are seeking protection. New Government guidelines say it’s now mandatory to wear face coverings on public transport and most of us will want to make sure we have the best we can.

And in our world, we have seen a huge take up in our employee back to work PPE solution getting product to their homes before they make their journeys back to the workplace but for some organisations, it’s a different challenge.

Buying the PPE is part of the problem and cdl can help with that. Having a logistics hub to hold, manage and distribute over a longer period than a few weeks is now becoming a real focus for many and we have made this very easy. 

Our downloadable PPE Logistics Hub document will outline all you need to know from online access for your employees to the benefits for procurement teams and strategic ordering. 

To find out more simply contact the cdl Business Development team on 01732 447 320 or email 

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