What is CDLmail?

Technology Apr 2020

Whilst many of us are working from home you may be wondering how you will be able to send any urgent communications via post, whether its one letter or thousands. That’s where CDLmail comes in. The result of advancements in mailing technology and postal solutions, CDLmail is the fastest and most cost effective solution that allows you to organise your mailing from anywhere in minutes.

No mailing room or equipment, no stationery to purchase.

Whether at home on a computer or tablet, or away on business with just a smart phone, this offering empowers you to work remotely, flexibly and above all, cost effectively!

The system utilises ‘hybrid mail’ which allows you to create and send your mail directly from your desktop with just a few clicks of your mouse. CDLmail feeds your letters and documents directly into a remote and secure mail production stream which is operated by the founders of ‘hybrid mail’, with whom cdl have had a relationship for more than 30 years.

We provide easy to use, free of charge, cloud based software that enables you to send your letters, invoices, newsletters, postcards and greetings cards all directly from your device. The communications can be printed in black and white or colour, from one page to hundreds, 1st or 2nd class post – the choice is yours.

What makes our offering different?

The CDLmail solution is structured for the corporate world and therefore offers a number of functions and flexibility that others simply can’t.

Having trialed the system with a major UK financial we have been able to understand the requirements to make this a real asset to the business sector. The following functionality achieves this:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Secure Access with a full audit trail of all activity
  • ISO27001, IG Toolkit, Data Protection and C&CCC approved
  • The ability to segregate work by department etc.
  • Simple process to upload and approve a mailing
  • Holds customer approved standard template letters ready for mail merge
  • Verifies postal codes and outputs report
  • Mail merge and instant proof online
  • Approval and authorisation process
  • Prices each project including postage
  • Streamlined work flow ensures production is scalable and efficient
  • Exceptional lead times
  • DSA (Down Stream Access) postal rates with no minimum requirement

How CDLmail works…

CDLmail reduces the need for a printer, printing cartridges, and stationery, and you don’t even need to go to the post box (or have the mail collected). The below diagram will illustrate how the process of CDLmail simplifies the whole process of mailing a letter.

What are the eco benefits…

  • Up to 80 percent greener mail items
  • No need for your own printers
  • No need to purchase stationery therefore no waste or transportation
  • Pre-sorted mail items are delivered reducing the machinery required
  • No need for mail items to be collected by your chosen postal provider
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How easy is it to implement?

After an online demonstration of the system, cdl simply set you up with a secure log on and off you go, it really is as simple as that. After which you instantly begin to save costs.

The system is already built as a generic base within which you have tools allowing you to upload and manage templates, set authorisation levels and access. Should you wish to brand the system in your own corporate colours we are able to do this as well in a relatively short time scale and subject to cost approval for programming.

Is CDLmail secure?

The CDLmail website uses the highest level 128 bit encryption, so you can be sure that your details will be safe. Once your mailing details hit our servers, you are then in the hands of one of the UK’s most secure production facilities. The production site has the highest levels of both physical and IT security (APACS standard 3 accredited) which enables us to process your mailing with complete assurance.

  • Secure Access with a full audit trail of all activity
  • ISO27001
  • IG Toolkit
  • Data Protection
  • C&CCC

Other ways to integrate

Print Driver

The CDLmail Print Driver can be downloaded and easily installed, free of charge, directly onto staff PCs and laptops. Mailings would be composed by your staff and sent to us for printing by choosing ‘CDLmail’ as a print option when selecting ‘file, print’. Instead of appearing on your local desk top inkjet printer, the letter will automatically print in our secure factory. It will be enclosed, sorted and posted the next work day direct to the end user. PDF proofs of the letters are shown on screen for approval before the user confirms the print order.

API Capabilities

Our secure CDLmail Application Programming Interface (API) is a SOAP-based webservice allowing the creation, proofing and confirmation of orders for mailings, single letters, postcards and greeting cards from client’s own computers, effectively adding a hybrid mail service right into existing systems and workflows.

Documents (PDF, RTF or Word files) are submitted as files or selected by name from your account. Address lists may be selected by name, submitted as a file (CSV, XLS, XLSX, Tab delimited, fixed length fields etc.) or added as individual addresses using the AddAddress call. A PDF proof approval is available, but is no longer a required step in the process.

Our API web service was developed to allow software providers to integrate their systems with CDLmail and to allow us to integrate with partner products where there is a requirement to send a continuous stream of letters. Transmissions take place over an encrypted HTTPS (SSL) connection so data stays secure at all times.

Examples in the API documentation are based around Microsoft Visual Basic .Net © code and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 © development environment.

Our API document can be supplied free of charge and requires IT resource to write the integration into client systems.

If you would like to find out more about the CDLmail solution please contact the cdl Business Development Team on 01732 447 320 or email bdteam@cdlgroup.ltd

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