Carbon Offset 2023 – CDL are proud to support the World Land Trust

Jul 2023

Few people are more recognised for their contributions towards a better tomorrow than Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David Attenborough has supported World Land Trust WLT) since it was founded in 1989 and has said that:

The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.” 

Therefore, we at CDL are proud to support the WLT. Through their dedicated efforts, WLT offers individuals and organisations an opportunity to make a positive difference and contribute to a greener future.

By offsetting our carbon with WLT it provides us a way to neutralise our carbon emissions by investing in projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. WLT focuses on protecting and restoring critical natural habitats, such as forests, which play a vital role in absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. 

By supporting their projects, we actively contribute to restoring environmental balance and mitigating climate change.

What sets WLT apart is its holistic approach to carbon offsetting. While offsetting emissions, the organisation places a strong emphasis on preserving biodiversity and protecting endangered species. By supporting the WLT, we contribute to the safeguarding of valuable ecosystems, providing habitats for countless species and ensuring their survival. Our commitment to carbon offsetting extends beyond simply reducing emissions; it becomes a commitment to the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.

By offsetting our verified footprint of 87 tonnes or CO2 with WLT we have enabled WLT to protect and restore 16,617m2 of threatened tropical habitat in projects in Ecuador, Vietnam and Mexico.TL

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