Driving Towards a Sustainable Future: CDL’s Commitment to Reducing GHG Emissions

ISO Jun 2023

By collaborating with a carbon expert, CDL aims to provide our clients with tailored strategies for emission reduction. We understand that each business has its unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to sustainability. Our carbon expert will work closely with our team to identify areas where emission reduction is most feasible and impactful, ensuring that your sustainability efforts align with your business goals and lead to tangible results.

At CDL, we believe that collaboration and stakeholder engagement are key to driving sustainability. We will assist you in engaging with internal and external stakeholders, fostering partnerships, and implementing collaborative projects that drive positive change. By involving stakeholders in your sustainability journey, you can amplify the impact of your initiatives and cultivate a shared commitment to a sustainable future.

At CDL, we believe that only independent verification through ISO 14064 certification gives our clients true and transparent information on environmental impacts. The ISO 14064 certification process involves a rigorous assessment by an independent third-party auditor. They review our GHG inventory management systems, data collection methodologies, and reporting processes to ensure compliance with the standard’s requirements. This verification process provides assurance that our emissions data is reliable and in line with internationally accepted practices.

We are pleased to announce that we have retained ISO 14064 verification from auditing body Interface NRM.

For the Interface NRM 2022 data Report Click Here For the Interface NRM 2022 data Verification Click Here

Our carbon figure for 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Dec 2021 was:

87 tonnes CO2e.

Click here for the full information on our carbon emissions.

In conclusion, by engaging a carbon expert, CDL is committed to providing you with the necessary knowledge, expertise, and support to navigate the complexities of carbon reduction and environmental impact.

Together, we can drive sustainability, meet regulatory requirements, and make informed decisions that benefit both your business and the planet.

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