You can trust our carbon figures. Now ISO 14064 verified!

ISO Dec 2022

At the heart of everything we do is transparency and integrity, something we believe is key to success and longevity with our customers, staff and supply chain.

The importance of being able to show a business’ commitment to the future of our planet has never been more important.  

From high profile awards, such as the Earthshot Prize to global leaders at the Climate Change Conference, environmental issues are front and centre and nobody can hide. 

We have maintained ISO 14001 Environmental Management for a decade and have constantly strived to improve what we do as a business. Therefore, we decided to get ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas verification to help provide credibility on any statement we make about carbon footprints and carbon offsetting. 

It has always been important to us that everything we do is above board and verifiable and we wanted to avoid any thoughts of ‘Green washing’.

We are pleased to announce that in December 2022 we gained ISO 14064 verification from auditing body LRQA.

For the LRQA 2021 data Report Click Here
For the LRQA 2021 data Verification Click Here

Our carbon figure for 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Dec 2021 was:

51 tonnes CO2e.

Click here for the full information on our carbon emissions.

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