Our Third Sector Clients

The Ask

Without highly resourced in-house admin, marketing and procurement functions, many of our charity clients faced unpredictable workload bottlenecks. An email we received some years ago summed up the challenges they all had in common:
‘There’s just three of us in the purchasing team dealing with all our internal clients. When there’s a logjam we can’t keep up. We need a reliable way to centralise our ordering.’

The Response

We created cdl SelfServe. It’s an easy to self-brand online portal. You can use it to authorise individual internal clients to log in and order directly by uploading artwork and print – fast. This in turn frees up your team up to concentrate on larger volume work.

The Extra Mile

The portal not only streamlines workflow, it also functions as an automatic audit reporting tool. It helps our third sector clients to apply pricing and budget constraints, which in turn control spend. Equally important, it guarantees brand continuity by ensuring brand guidelines are followed for every order, large or small.

Don't take our word for it


Before we had our cdl portal we were always playing catch up with ordering and reporting. Now we’re on top of things, regardless of workflow – that’s the difference.

Procurement Director, Nationwide Cancer Charity