NHS Hospital Trust – Southern England

NHS Hospital Trust – Southern England

The Ask

The Head of Supplies at the Trust told us, ‘For complex reasons we can’t stockpile surgical gloves. It means we’re paying well over the odds. You’re good at logistics – please help us out.’

The Response

It’s an unusual request but eminently doable, plus we’d love to save you money. Here’s how; we’ll give you a logistics facility along with an ordering portal so you can order in bulk with the manufacturers. Then your different wards and departments can all achieve the same competitive price and savings

The Extra Mile

Whenever we receive an order we pick, label and box the gloves and deliver them to the Trust’s sites by 7am the next day. Our agile response and technical know-how has resulted in hugely significant savings in glove supplies alone!

Don't take our word for it


It’s because cdl said yes first and then thought ‘out of the box’ that we’re able to pay such a competitive price for boxes of surgical gloves. They never say never.

Head of Supplies, NHS Hospital Trust