Our client is a international specialist banking and asset management group – 2015 revenue £1.79 billion

The Ask

Our client said, ‘We need help with a logistical nightmare. Can you catalogue, store, retrieve and distribute our digital and print comms to multiple sites in the UK and overseas? Also tell us how you’d work with key stakeholders to maintain and uphold version control across the 1000’s of documents we have in use at any one time.’

The Response

First we carried out a comprehensive scoping exercise, detailing our client’s precise requirements and flagging potential pitfalls. Then, with everyone on board, we delivered a secure cloud-based DAM (digital asset management) suite of products.

The Extra Mile

Because together we’d agreed strong project management tools, our client’s teams from marketing, compliance and internal/external design could provide critical input using the new central, robustly-controlled cdl hub. We’re happy to report that there hasn’t been as much as a hiccup since.

Don't take our word for it


Now we’ve got one place to go to manage all our comms product documentation – current and archive, it’s streamlined our processes beyond recognition.

Chief Procurement Officer