Our client is a major international wealth management company

The Ask

Our client’s initial issue was with data aggregation. They said, ‘Our back office system is limited so we’re having to key in lots of fund data manually. It’s inefficient and costly. Can you collect real time fund data automatically for us and deliver it securely across our entire client base?’

The Response

In a matter of weeks we’d fully automated our client’s reporting operations via a cdl-run ClearCapture processing hub. With data aggregation resolved, our client was keen to co-design new reporting templates. As a result their customers now receive accessibly formatted, easy to digest information in either hard copy or pdf reports.

The Extra Mile

We’re currently looking to optimise the reporting process for the next decade so that our client can

  • give individual customers live online access to their fund performance figures
  • provide a vaulted system so the same clients can hold online discussions with their advisor and/or access cost-effective robo-advice.

Don't take our word for it


cdl has improved our entire client reporting process beyond recognition. When we first started working with them we simply weren’t equipped to embrace the move to online delivery. Or to meet any future changes in the law with confidence. Now we’re as future-proofed as we can be.

Head of Procurement