The Warranty Group

The Warranty Group

The Ask

TWG said,
‘We’ve got lots of internal clients and franchises. All our ordering and recording is manual. There’s a huge workflow bottleneck and it’s impossible to keep track. Help!’

The Response

First we assessed the issues TWG faced. Manual ordering was unreliable and delays inevitable with two or three people working full time to capacity. So we customised a portal hosted from our cdl site, streamlining TWG’s complex workflow. The portal handed back control to management by regulating the ordering process via product groups, users and authorisation protocols. TWG now had a full reporting process, detailing order status and value for every transaction.

The Extra Mile

Our suggestion that order authorisation be linked to a payment option imposed immediate discipline on what had been an unstructured ordering environment. Workflows were integrated and order admin cut. So what happened to the people who used to spend all day placing orders manually? You’ll be glad to hear they were redeployed in more exciting roles.

Don't take our word for it


The system cdl built for us is incredibly robust. In four years we’ve had a few minor upgrades and all that time we’ve never encountered a fault. It’s revolutionised our workflow.

Kirsten Hale Stock Purchaser and Controller, The Warranty Group