Corporate and Third Sector cdl Clients

The Ask

Different clients kept coming to us with essentially the same ordering problem. This client summed up the issue perfectly,
‘We don’t have the systems in place to manage order alert levels. Sometimes members of staff reorder when we’ve got plenty of stock. Other times we run out when we need collateral most.’

The Response

To help all our clients facing this issue we created an intelligent system that generates order alert levels based on usage history. We liaise with each client to make sure that order alert emails go straight to the person in charge. Equally important, the ordering process is built into the emails so recipients can action orders without clicking away. Last but not least, we cc the alerts to admin users to provide a transparent audit trail.

The Extra Mile

The ability to use live data (that’s subject to constant change) to generate alerts of this kind is relatively new. It means our ‘robo advice’ is triggered by a snap shot of true figures at that precise moment. Our alerts are advisory and their value lies in their pinpoint accuracy. Staff can then choose to drill down to view the wider history before reordering if they choose to.

Don't take our word for it


It’s like each one of us has a super-efficient PA. We’re prompted to reorder and given all the information we need the moment we need it. Our new system has all the checks and balances built in, so everyone can make informed, accountable decisions.

Resourcing Director, Client in Financial Sector