St James Place

St James’s Place Wealth Management

The Ask

St. James’s Place Wealth Management said, ‘We work closely with a national newspaper to promote and organise financial education events across the UK. The logistics involved in printing the personalised invitations can be complex and costly. How can you help us?’

The Response

We’ve got decades of experience in handling personalised large volume direct mail at a competitive cost and delivering the very highest quality print. We guarantee you’ll benefit from cost efficiencies as well as an increased take up.

The Extra Mile

By consolidating print and logistics we helped St. James’s Place reduce campaign costs. Even better, event responses increased. Four years on, we handle the campaign for them twice a year and, as always, we share their objective of achieving the right results.

Don't take our word for it

Brand literate

The St. James’s Place brand is important to us. We needed an expert company who understood the high service standards associated with our organisation. We also needed to be confident that the printers could be entrusted to work with us to this same very high standard in conjunction with a leading national newspaper.

Dave Sutton Head of Marketing, St. James’s Place Wealth Management