Our client is a household name in wealth management - global assets under management of over £100 billion

The Ask

Our client’s primary concern was speed of data processing. They told us, ‘We have to gather information from fifteen different legacy systems to produce monthly customer reports. We don’t want to spend more money trying to fix this internally. Can you help streamline and speed up our operations cost-effectively?’

The Response

We used our client’s existing legacy systems for raw data input. Then we set up our own automated cdl ClearCapture data processing hub to produce aggregated, clear and accessibly formatted data. Each month we calculate and collate vaulted data and drop it into client reports, which we produce and deliver to the entire UK customer base, month on month.

The Extra Mile

Our cdl ClearCapture solution took the client’s speed of file processing from weeks to days. That was back in 2015? As a result, we now process 100% of the client’s regulated customer documentation. And to this day there has never been a blip in reporting.

Don't take our word for it

Six figures

When cdl applied ClearCapture to automate our reporting, our variable costs fell by six figures. I feel we can’t put a value on our relationship with cdl, but the reality is I can.

Director for Strategic Resourcing